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An Invitation to Publish

In preparation for publishing, authors may purchase ALVA editing services and cover design services.

Thereafter, once the manuscript is ready for publication, ALVA functions as a traditional publisher in that for manuscripts accepted, publication is done at no charge.

Please submit brief author bio, synopsis/TOC, and first chapter for consideration for publication. 

ALVA books are available through the ALVA website listing displays and ALVA eBook distribution is through ALVA, Amazon.com, B&N, and Kobo

Personalized PR on ALVA website author/book pages and in ALVA Axiom newsletter author interview and Axiom mentions.

"We're ALVA not Amazon.com."

ALVA takes pride in working closely with each author while readers enjoy our titles as good reads.     
Roberta Roy

ALVA Quality

ALVA eBook and book design and preparation are recognized for the technical expertise and care with which they are edited. ALVA published titles include internationally recognized medalists in inspirational fiction and poetry.

ALVA Services

ALVA works well with previously-published authors and will mentor selected new writers of promise.  We offer professional editing, cover and text design, eBook design, book design, and book and eBook publication and distribution.

Once in print, ALVA books are available for release to the author for distribution in local venues and at booksignings as well as being distributed from the ALVA website. ALVA eBooks are distributed through ALVA, Amazon.com, B&N, and Kobo.

ALVA Distribution

ALVA offers eBook publishing and book publishing at no cost to the author.

ALVA books are distributed through the ALVA website  However if the author so chooses, he or she may purchase copies of his or her book at fifty per cent of the cover price for use at book signings and for independent distribution. 

ALVA eBooks and books are distributed through the ALVA website. ALVA eBooks are also distributed through Amazon.com, B&N, and Kobo.

ALVA eBooks are compatible for use with most electronic reading devices.

ALVA offers competitively priced services and traditonal royalties.

As a mid-sized book publisher, ALVA prides itself on its editing and publishing style.

"Manuscript (MS) to eBook or book with cooperative editing and design" - Roberta Roy


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Jolt: a rural noir by Roberta M Roy
Roberta M Roy
Jolt in Book Form
HC Book $24.95
SC Book $14.95
ePDF $11.99
ePub $11.99 

Odd Road Out by Betty Hampel

Odd Road Out
Betty Hampel
SC $9.99
eBooks available
ePDF $4.99
ePub $4.99


Mirror Image
Betty Hampel
SC books soon to be released
ePDF $11.99
ePub $11.99


Drum Machine by Kristen Henderson

Kristen Henderson
SC Book $13.95
ePDF $4.99
ePub $4.99

Carl Waldman
Chris Campbell
SC Book w/Color $14.99 
ePDF $4.99
ePub $4.99 


Once a Gypsy
Betty Hampel
SC Books soon to be released
ePDF $11.99
ePub $11.99


The Healing Patch
Catherine Caminero

ePub $4.99
Apple $4.99

Memontos of Mai by Helmy Kusuma
Helmy Parlente Kusuma
SC Book $9.99 
ePDF $4.99
ePub  $4.99

Adirondack Paper Girl by Jean Arleen Breed

Adirondack Paper Girl
Jean Arleen Breed
SC Book $9.99
ePDF $4.99



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